Sorvall RC 12BP Plus Lowspeed centrifuge for high-throughput

Sorvall RC 12BP Plus centrifuge offers a unique set of benefits – dependability, maximum versatility, superior throughput and volume, along with simplicity, efficiency, and compliance.

Sorvall RC 12BP Plus large capacity centrifuge offers a complete processing system for high-throughput, large volume blood banking and bioprocessing applications.

Product Detail

A revolutionary blood processing centrifuge, the Sorvall RC12 BP incorporates the functionality of the SorvallRC3BP™, which set the industry standards for GMP compliance and performance, and added the following powerful benefits:

Increased Productivity: With the H-12000 rotor, you can process up to 12 blood bags with 500mL collection volume each.

Automatic Reproducibility: Simply choose the ACE button, enter the total Accumulated Centrifugal Effect™ for your protocol, and the centrifuge will automatically compensate for variations in acceleration times due to differences in a full or partial rotor load by adjusting the run time.

Customize runs for Maximum Yields: Control the rates of acceleration and deceleration with the MSR™ (Minimal Sample Resuspension) System. Using the Slow Start/Slow Stop features, you can choose from 10 acceleration and deceleration profiles, allowing you to customize runs for minimal sample resuspension, cleaner interfaces and maximized product yields.

Easy to Use: The Sorvall RC12BP centrifuge features easy-to-use, menu-driven controls – including a storage and recall function of up to 15 separation protocols – for fast and easy centrifuge processing.

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