Thermo Scientific Sorvall Rotor Guide

Maximize your centrifuge performance by selecting rotors, bottle, tubes and accessories for your application needs.


  • Superspeed Centrifuge Rotors with Auto-Lock 
    For use with Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ LYNX superspeed centrifuges, simplify run set-up and increase rotor security with Auto-Lock rotor exchange, instant rotor identification and Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors.
  • Superspeed Centrifuge Rotors
    Complete line of high speed centrifuge rotors, including lightweight and durable Fiberlite carbon fiber fixed angle rotors.
  • Ultracentrifuge Rotors
    Application flexibility with a versatile rotor portfolio, including Fiberlite rotors, combining performance and capacity to match your ultracentrifuge protocol needs.
  • Micro-Ultracentrifuge Rotors
    Accommodate tubes from 0.2mL to 30mL with a choice of fixed angle, swinging bucket or vertical rotor for flexibility to address the full range of small volume processing applications
  • Large Capacity Centrifuge Rotors
    For blood banking or bioprocessing, fixed angle, swinging bucket, microplate and special purpose rotors for high quality separations up to 12 blood bags or 12 liters per run.

    Rotor inspection clinics for care and safety

    Educate your lab in the best practices for centrifugation and rotor handling:

  • Proper rotor loading and attachment
  • Accident prevention through improved laboratory safety
  • Maximizing your investment with routine maintenance, evaluation
    and care of your rotorsLet Axeb Lab Solutions take care of your rotors – All included in Axeb servicing and maintenance agreement.Contact Axeb service  or call 4362 4647 for more information.Follow us – find videos at Axeb YouTube