Thermo Scientific Precision Water Baths

Thermo Scientific 183 analog waterbath

Thermo Scientific Precision water baths are robust and guarantees high performance Precision water baths are rugged, high-performance baths that maintain water temperature from ambient to 95 °C or 99.9 °C (depending on model). These easy-to-maintain baths feature a broad range of bath sizes and models, with digital set-it-and-forget-it control, faster heat-up time and easy calibration.... Read more »

Cryoboxes and misc. equipment

Tenak kryobokse

Tenak’s cryoboxes are the best on the world market and made of environmentally friendly materials Constant improvement is one of the cornerstones of Tenak‘s philosophy when it comes to their products. Tenak’s cardboard cryoboxes have gone through an overall review. Every partof the process and choice of material has been evaluated and the result are... Read more »

Froilabo supplies a full range of incubators

Incubators with user-friendly solutions and emphasis on versatility and ease of cleaning/disinfection Froilabo has been called the “Pioneers of temperature control” and their incubators live up to this naming At Froilabo, price and performance are aligned into attractive devices – without compromising quality, precision and safety. For example: Thermal disinfection cycle at +160 ° C... Read more »

Froilabo ovens – the experts in temperature control

Froilab varmeovne

Froilabo ovens are quick and homogeneous ovens for all purposes Froilabo heaters cover 95 percent of laboratory applications. The ovens are quick to heat up, and they ensure homogeneous heat, even at full capacity. Froilabo ovens are heated through a convection fan which saves valuable time when you have to start the oven, and also... Read more »

Fiberlite rotors

Fiberlite Rotorer

If you have not already tried to work with Fiberlite Rotors, then you have a pleasant surprise in store A Carbon FiberLite Roter® is, as the name suggests, much easier than a rotor made of aluminum. It can clearly felt when it is lifted into place in the centrifuge. But Fiberlite Rotors also has other... Read more »

Thermo mechanical Cryogenic Freezer – longtime storage

Cryogenic Freezer

Thermo mechanical Cryogenic Freezer – longtime storage of biological samples and has uniform temperatures ranging from -140ºC og -150ºC without LN2 Key drivers for mechanical Cryogenic Freezer over LN2 Health and safety Need for low O2 monitoring / dual staffing Cost of LN2 (esp. in auto-fill LN2 vessels) Cost of manual handling / refills – even on auto refill LN2 vessels... Read more »

Velocity Micro Fuge 6μ

Velocity Micro Fuge 6μ Velocity Micro Fuge 6u is designed to operate easily and save space. It also offers a high degree of convenience and ultimate safety for your laboratory applications. Features and characteristics Microtubes rotor and 8-strip rotor included Rotors can be easily exchanged without tools Compact design Simple & user-friendly operation Quiet operation... Read more »

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