Sorvall Lynx superspeed centrifuge – capacity up to 6 liters

Sorvall Lynx combines powerful technologies with breakthrough simplicity

Sorvall Lynx Superspeed centrifuge, offering simplicity for multiple users. A variety of processing requirements. A range of user experience. To overcome these everyday challenges of a shared laboratory setting choose the Sorvall Lynx Superspeed centrifuge. Sorvall Superspeed centrifuge LYNX 4000 & 6000 comes with the new patented Auto-Lock and Auto-ID, a large rotorprogram and – capacity up to 6 liters. Sorvall Lynx superspeed with all its benefits meet all super speed needs from the research laboratory to the university.

Results: Productivity, safety and reliability simplified!

Sorvall Lynx
  • Push-button security and application flexibility
  • Auto-Lock® rotor exchange
  • Immediate rotor detection and programming
  • Auto-ID instant rotor identification
  • Improved ergonomics and performance
  • Fiberlite® carbon fiber rotors
  • One-handed certified sample protection
  • ClickSeal® biocontainment lids

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