Achieve more in less time

Personal review from Axeb:

Axeb strongly recommend the new and revolutionary SORVALL RC BIOS 10 centrifuge. The SORVALL RC BIOS 10 enables you to accelerate speed without compromising quality, and you avoid unnecessary ‘red tape’ papers as the centrifuge has Centri-Log software that eases documentation.

Introducing the Sorvall RC BIOS superspeed centrifuge with either a 6 or 10 litre rotor, which offers higher capacity and speed to accelerate your bioprocesses.

The Sorvall RC BIOS superspeed centrifuge comes with a 6 or 10 liter rotor:

  • 6 or 10 liter Fiberlite bioprocesses
  • Max speed: 8.500 rpm and 15.860 x g for 6 litre rotors – 5.500 o/min with 10 litre rotors
  • Programmable with up to 15 programs
  • Centri-Log Software that ensures safe documentation

The Sorvall RC BIOS 6/10 litre is a fantastic product that often runs High-Thorugh-Put, e.g. in the medicinal, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Read more about the centrifuge in the brochure and/or contact us for more information.

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