Superspeed Centrifuges

SORVALL Super speed centrifuges, with up to 100,000 x g performance and maximized capacity up to 6 Liters, plus the application flexibility of an extensive rotor portfolio, simplify performance at every turn.

Productivity, safety and reliability are simplified with the Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuge series, featuring breakthrough rotor innovations including Auto-Lock rotor exchange, Auto-ID instant rotor identification and lightweight and durable Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors that shorten run set-up time and increase rotor security.

Sorvall Lynx superspeed centrifuge – capacity up to 6 liters

Sorvall lynx superspeed centrifuge

Sorvall Lynx superspeed centrifuge – capacity up to 6 liters Sorvall Lynx combines powerful technologies with breakthrough simplicity Sorvall Lynx Superspeed centrifuge, offering simplicity for multiple users. A variety of processing requirements. A range of user experience. To overcome these everyday challenges of a shared laboratory setting choose the Sorvall Lynx Superspeed centrifuge. Sorvall Superspeed... Read more »

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