With RCF in excess of 1,048,000 xg almost any separation is within reach. This sleek design combines advanced functionality, rotor management and controlled access in a footprint that is 20% smaller than other benchtop models saving valuable bench space.

The Sorvall Micro-Ultracentrifuge features a state-of-the-art, user-friendly LCD touch-screen simplifies operation while providing a range of operating features.

Achieve maximum productivity with extremely fast acceleration rates reaching 150,000 rpm in just 80 seconds.

The Sorvall Micro-Ultracentrifuge comes in MX 120, 150 and MTX 150 floor models.

Key Features

  • Simple yet powerful and reliable operation for ease rotor loading, instrument set-up and operation.
  • Visual tube balancing for enhanced ease of use.
  • A USB port allows connectivity to a memory stick, facilitating output of operating data in CSV format.

Self Locking Rotor System

  • Automatically secures the rotor to the drive shaft.
  • Eliminates the need to manually secure the rotor, facilitating rotor installation and enhancing safety

Fast Acceleration and Deceleration

  • Shorter total spin times
Recommended for:

Virus (HIV, SRSV, rotavirus), Cellular organelles (ribosomes, mitochondria, microsomes), Lipoproteins, Nanoparticles, Nucleic Acids

Certifications: cCSAus, CE