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Heraeus BK 6160 Testing Chamber

Heraeus BK 6160 Testkammer

The BK 6160 offers: Large 166 L capacity provides high testing efficiency Temperature range of 0° to 50°C for a wide range of testing chamber trials Programmable temperature controllers allow many environmental simulations Seamless steel interiors with rounded corners for easy cleaning De-humidification prevention avoids sample searing Heraeus BK 6160 –The thermal jacket prevents sample... Read more »

Heratherm Microbiological Incubator

Heratherm Mikrobiologisk Inkubator

Microbiological incubators are designed for maximized sample protection – Safe. Easy. Efficient. Successful incubation is dependent upon the environmental conditions. As such, you need to trust that your valuable samples are maintained in a safe and efficient manner. Read more »

Heraeus BBD6220 CO2 Incubator

Heraeus BBD6220 CO2 Incubator

Thermo Scientific* CO2 incubator BBD 6220 features active humidification control and integral high-temperature sterilization cycle. The Thermo Scientific CO2 incubator BBD 6220 provides the best contamination protection and optimum reproducibility of results in microbiological laboratories and for in vitro fertilization, as well as in cancer research or tissue engineering. Read more »

Cytoperm 2 Gassed Incubator

Thermo Scientific* Cytoperm 2 CO2 incubator offers simple handling, safe operation and high protection against contamination. Our Cytoperm 2 meets stringent requirements, essential for demanding research in pharmaceutical, cancer, AIDS, vaccine production and IVF fields and other applications involving sensitive or infectious samples. Read more »

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