Low temperature incubators

Every unit is quality built and tested to deliver a lifetime of dependable performance. It is simple as this: Axeb’s refrigerated incubators offer precise, reliable and punctual results.

Our refrigerated incubators & testing chambers provide a homogeneous, stable environment for your samples. Superior temperature uniformity ensures that your results are fully reproducible, yielding high quality results time after time.

Froilabo supplies a full range of incubators

Incubators with user-friendly solutions and emphasis on versatility and ease of cleaning/disinfection Froilabo has been called the “Pioneers of temperature control” and their incubators live up to this naming At Froilabo, price and performance are aligned into attractive devices – without compromising quality, precision and safety. For example: Thermal disinfection cycle at +160 ° C... Read more »

Heraeus BK 800 Refrigerated Incubator

Som du kan se, bliver dette måske skrevet i en anden størrelse

The Heraeus® BK 800 refrigerated incubator features a compact footprint, temperature range of 3° to 40°C, and a large 220 L capacity. Ideal for incubation and storage at or below ambient temperature, it is the unit of choice for sample and chemical storage, microbiological sample testing, water pollution testing, and biochemical oxygen demand protocols.

Heraeus BK 6160 Testing Chamber

Heraeus BK 6160 Testkammer

The BK 6160 offers: Large 166 L capacity provides high testing efficiency Temperature range of 0° to 50°C for a wide range of testing chamber trials Programmable temperature controllers allow many environmental simulations Seamless steel interiors with rounded corners for easy cleaning De-humidification prevention avoids sample searing Heraeus BK 6160 –The thermal jacket prevents sample... Read more »

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