Heracell i series CO2 incubators provide touch screen simplicity and exclusive 100% pure antimicrobial copper interior chambers.

Heraeus Heracell iCAN CO2 incubator provide the ideal in vitro environment

The Heraeus Heracell iCAN CO2 incubator is clean, reliable and easy to use, protecting valuable samples while optimizing cell growth with fast recovery characteristics and convenient touchscreen user interface.

Feature innovative ContraCon moist heat decontamination technology that ensures worry-free cleaning and operation. Unique, 100% pure solid copper interiors offer natural antimicrobial protection on contact. These incubators are designed to provide optimal growth conditions and deliver superior parameter recovery rates.

iCAN Touchscreen Control

  • Convenient on-screen user prompts for simplified measurement and control navigation
  • Changes in culture environment visible on screen logs and usage recording
  • Visual monitor alarm

TC or IR CO2 Sensor

  • Standard thermal conductivity (TC) sensor features accurate gas sensor technology
  • Infrared (IR) sensor option

Rapid Humidity Recovery

  • Large, directly heated water reservoir
  • Recovery times are up to five times faster than conventional water pans