MaxQ 8000 stackable shakers are designed to be stacked two to three high on the floor for space savings in the lab.

With three times the capacity of a floor shaker in virtually the same footprint, the MAX Q 8000 Incubated Shaker is ideal for high-volume research or scale-up work.

The MAX Q 8000 Incubated Shaker is built both for sensitive eukaryotic culture applications – with contamination-reducing HEPA filtration, coved corner design, single-piece chamber, and tight temperature uniformity – and for demanding prokaryotic culture applications, with rugged construction, wide speed range, and no limits on “hard shake” speed, even when stacked three-high.

Microprocessor Control/Monitoring System

  • Run and setpoints displayed simultaneously
  • Tracks total accumulated time on motor and drive systems
  • Audible/visual over- and undertemperature tracking alarms ensure product protection
  • Separate adjustable overtemperature safety alarm with independent probe provides additional backup on heated units
  • Audible/visual, high/low rpm tracking alarms alert to speed deviations
  • Alarms can be silenced temporarily and ring back as a reminder of unresolved alarm conditions
  • Remote alarm contacts for convenient monitoring from another location
  • Nonvolatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit after power is restored
  • Controlled acceleration circuitry provides smooth start-up and stopping to eliminate splashing and wetting of flask closures


  • Heavy-duty, eccentric drive mechanism allows extended speed ranges from 25 to 400rpm ±1rpm with minimal vibration, even when shakers are stacked three high
  • Durable, dynamically balanced orbital shaker mechanism ensures optimum oxygenation and nutrient mixing, reduced cell clumping, and prevention of splashing and flask wetting
  • Triple counterbalanced mechanism provides optimum handling of full or unbalanced loads, regardless of flask placement
  • Cool-running, brushless, 1/3hp DC motor ensures continuous maintenance-free operation
  • Forced laminar airflow through the HEPA filter provides excellent temperature uniformity, reduces risk of cross-contamination

Recommended for:

Bacterial suspensions, Hybridizations, Solubility studies, Diagnostic test, Extraction procedures, Washing procedures, General mixing, Protein expression, Staining and destaining, Plasmid purification. Certifications: cUL, UL, CE

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