Froilabo ovens are quick and homogeneous ovens for all purposes

Froilabo heaters cover 95 percent of laboratory applications. The ovens are quick to heat up, and they ensure homogeneous heat, even at full capacity.

Froilabo ovens are heated through a convection fan which saves valuable time when you have to start the oven, and also ensures a very homogeneous heat output, whether working with small or very large quantities.

The series of ovens are also among the most efficient on the market and offers not only fast start, but also quick recovery after opening the door. Along with the low nominal power consumption, it helps to keep costs down.

As with all of its product lines have Froilabo made great efforts to provide top quality products at reasonable prices. They focus on quality, safety and precision, and they go up in detail: The stove has excellent insulation and distinguishes itself by not having any unpleasant smells after first use.

AP-series Hot stoves that meet your requirements, comply with all regulations and provide both speed and accuracy. Especially suitable for drying, thermal testing and sterilization. Temperature range of 10-250 ° C. Volume of 60-240 l.

AE-series Allows users to optimize their applications and oven control. This applies, for example, to adjustable fan speed and programmable controller with 16 settings. Temperature range of 5-100 ° C. Volume of 60-240 l.

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