Incubators with user-friendly solutions and emphasis on versatility and ease of cleaning/disinfection

Froilabo has been called the “Pioneers of temperature control” and their incubators live up to this naming

At Froilabo, price and performance are aligned into attractive devices – without compromising quality, precision and safety.

For example: Thermal disinfection cycle at +160 ° C for 2.5 hours according to the Pharmacopiea provides additional bacteriological safety. Froilabo is the only manufacturer to offer this to incubators with cooling.

Froilabo have done much in order to use standardized and proven components to ensure reliability while keeping the price down. All incubators have tanks made of stainless steel, and completely flat walls for easy cleaning.

BSP series Incubators with natural convection. Good for longterm incubation, incubation protecting highly sensitive samples and the use of powders or other applications. Temperature range of 5-65 ° C. Volume of 65-245 l.

BP Series Incubators with artificial convection. Reduces the time of heating, stabilization and recovery. High temperature accuracy and homogeneity and stability. Temperature range of 5-100 ° C. Volume of 60-240 l.

BE Series Equivalent to the BP-series, but also offers thermal disinfection cycle and adjustable fan speed and programmable controller with 8 steps. Temperature range of 5-100 ° C. Volume of 60-240 l.
BRE series Offers the same features as the BE series, but also has a cooling function. Ideally, if for example, you work in an environment with very variable air temperatures. Temperature range of 0-100 ° C. Volume of 60-240 l.
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