Cold Storage

We have a large portfolio of refridgeraters and freezers to match your needs in the lab. Should you have any questions or requests about our products, we are at your disposal.

Cryoboxes and misc. equipment

Tenak kryobokse

Tenak’s cryoboxes are the best on the world market and made of environmentally friendly materials Constant improvement is one of the cornerstones of Tenak‘s philosophy when it comes to their products. Tenak’s cardboard cryoboxes have gone through an overall review. Every partof the process and choice of material has been evaluated and the result are... Read more »

Thermo mechanical Cryogenic Freezer – longtime storage

Cryogenic Freezer

Thermo mechanical Cryogenic Freezer – longtime storage of biological samples and has uniform temperatures ranging from -140ºC og -150ºC without LN2 Key drivers for mechanical Cryogenic Freezer over LN2 Health and safety Need for low O2 monitoring / dual staffing Cost of LN2 (esp. in auto-fill LN2 vessels) Cost of manual handling / refills – even on auto refill LN2 vessels... Read more »

ES Series Lab Refrigerators

ES Series Lab Refrigerators – for general purpose lab storage These refrigeratores are designed for routine sample protection, where laboratory space is limited. Our new ES Series lab refrigerators are the ideal choice, when there is limited space in the laboratory. All ES Series models deliver the sample protection, performance, security and quality you have... Read more »

Hereaus HERAfreeze HFU -40 oC / -86 oC

HERAfreeze HFU B Series upright freezers are designed for daily sample protection and depandability. Freezers are available in both a -50ºC to -86ºC and a -10ºC to -40ºC configuration. All models feature state-of-the-art refrigeration, rugged construction and easy-to-use microprocessor control Read more »

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