Your samples - our obsession

To the rest of the world these are samples. To us they are a scientist’s life’s work. A lab’s mission. A company’s breakthrough. We are obsessed with sample integrity. Every one of our cold storage solutions is optimized for the best protection of critical samples.
HERAfreeze® ultra-low temperature freezers offer a complete range of upright and chest configurations designed for maximum sample protection.

Your samples need to stay cold. Period.

To ensure the safety of your samples, the new freezers endured rigorous testing – the equivalent of more than 26 years of run time before making their way to the market.

The new HFU T Series freezers feature an outstanding BTU (British Thermal Unit) reserve. This leads to fast door recoverytimes so that sample integrity isn’t compromised.

Protect your samples and the environment

From water-blown foam insulation and an environmentally-friendly mix of refrigerants, to an energy-saving mode option, the HFU T Series protects more than just your samples.Save up to 15% in energy usage with energy-savings mode or choose high-performance mode for applicationsrequiring ultra-tight temperature uniformity.

Your samples are precious and so is your lab space

With HFU T Series freezers, it really is possible to fit more samples into less physical space. With fiveconvenient sizes to choose from, we’ve got a freezer that will fit just right.

Sample protection should be easy

HFU T Series freezers feature an easy-to-use, touch screen panel with an innovative health monitor that lets you see what’s going on inside without opening the door. On-board data logging provides you with a downloadable record.

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