Sorvall MX Micro-Ultra Centrifuge – Floor Model

Sorvall MX Micro-Ultra Centrifuge Series provides excellent processing capacity and sample separation performance up to 1,048,000 xg.

Conduct more experiments of greater capacity in less time. Cutting-edge technology in this compact floor model combines high speed performance, versatile rotor capacities and a small convenient footprint to minimize use of valuable floor space.
Attain superior sample separation performance and processing capacity, combining high speeds and RCFs with fast acceleration/deceleration rates. Advanced functionality, rotor management and controlled access meet your laboratory needs with quiet yet powerful separation capabilities in a compact design.

Key Features

  • High Speeds and Low K-factors, 150,000rpm or 120,000rpm maximum speeds with optimized rotor designs provide shorter total spin times.
  • Compact and Personal, Small 0.34 sq. m (2.3 sq. ft.) footprint allows for convenience in laboratory location without occupying valuable floor space.
  • Quiet Operation, With noise levels below 48dBA, you can work next to it without hearing it running.
  • Versatile Performance, A wide range of rotors and tube volumes support a host of different sample requirements.
  • Rugged Reliability, Maintenance-free brushless drive system and rotor imbalance protection ensure dependable performance.

To address the full range of small volume processing applications, Sorvall MX series accommodates tubes from 0.2 to 30mL with a choice of rotors such as Fixed-Angle rotors, Swinging Bucket rotors and Vertical rotors. All rotors are sold separately.

Compliance: IEC61010-2-020, EN61326-1 2006.

Certifications: cCSAus, CE, IEC61010-2-020, EN61326-1 2006.

Recommended for: Virus (HIV, SRSV, rotavirus), Cellular organelles (ribosomes, mitochondria, microsomes), Lipoproteins, Nanoparticles, Nucleic Acids.