Ultra-Speed Centrifuges

Ultracentrifuges and micro-ultracentrifuges combine the highest performance available in a compact design.

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for processing applications.

Sorvall MX Micro-Ultra Centrifuge

Sorvall MX Micro-Ultra Centrifuge

Sorvall MX Micro-Ultra Centrifuge – Floor Model Sorvall MX Micro-Ultra Centrifuge Series provides excellent processing capacity and sample separation performance up to 1,048,000 xg. Conduct more experiments of greater capacity in less time. Cutting-edge technology in this compact floor model combines high speed performance, versatile rotor capacities and a small convenient footprint to minimize use... Read more »

Sorvall Micro-Ultracentrifuge

Sorvall Mikro-Ultracentrifuge

With RCF in excess of 1,048,000 xg almost any separation is within reach. This sleek design combines advanced functionality, rotor management and controlled access in a footprint that is 20% smaller than other benchtop models saving valuable bench space. Read more »

Sorvall WX PLUS Ultra Centrifuge – Floor

Sorvall Ultra Speed Centrifuge

The Sorvall WX PLUS Ultra Centrifuge – Floor, features excellent ergonomics. This high-quality laboratory centrifuge delivers set RMP and RCF,programmable memory, intuitive color touch screen and the Advanced UltraSecur system for maximumsafety and efficiency. Save precious research hours with optimal RCFs in the shortest possible time. The Sorvall WX Ultra Series of Ultracentrifuges offer compact... Read more »

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