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Thermo mechanical Cryogenic Freezer – longtime storage

Cryogenic Freezer

Thermo mechanical Cryogenic Freezer – longtime storage of biological samples and has uniform temperatures ranging from -140ºC og -150ºC without LN2 Key drivers for mechanical Cryogenic Freezer over LN2 Health and safety Need for low O2 monitoring / dual staffing Cost of LN2 (esp. in auto-fill LN2 vessels) Cost of manual handling / refills – even on auto refill LN2 vessels... Read more »

Hereaus HERAfreeze HFU -40 oC / -86 oC

HERAfreeze HFU B Series upright freezers are designed for daily sample protection and depandability. Freezers are available in both a -50ºC to -86ºC and a -10ºC to -40ºC configuration. All models feature state-of-the-art refrigeration, rugged construction and easy-to-use microprocessor control Read more »

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