Sorvall low-speed RC3BP PLUS is ideal for a wide range of applications including blood banking, low-speed separations, and general, large-batch and high-volume processing

Combines outstanding convenience with exceptional ease-of-use to expedite daily processing. State-of-the-art capabilities and a proven set of optional rotors and adapters enhance productivity.

  • 6 x 1L capacity.
  • Intuitive keypad controls and large digital display.
  • Automated lid-locking mechanism.
  • Accumulated Centrifugal Effect* (ACE), step-run and slow start/stop modes ensure precise, reproducible separations.
  • 15-program memory provides one-touch recall of commonly used protocols.
  • Controllable acceleration/braking for delicate low-speed pelleting.
  • Security key prevents unauthorized access.
  • Quiet operation.

Energy-saving design increases refrigeration efficiency and minimizes heat output for greater sample stability and lower energy consumption.