HERAfreeze -40°C & ULT -86°C freezers provide versatile and reliable sample storage.

Includes all the sample protection features of our HFU B Series freezers in four convenient sizes and available with a full range of racking solutions for maximum sample storage.

Safeguard your precious samples with advanced technology platforms, maximum temperature recovery, microprocessor controls and high-quality construction.

Microprocessor control

Centralized information center, including microprocessor control and monitoring system ensures that all controls and displays are easy to reach and read.

Polystyrene interior sub-lids

Reduce cold air loss and improve temperature recovery after door openings.

Single-hand operation

Easy-to-use, ergonomic, lockable door handle.

Easy-to-remove, washable filter

Provides protection from dust on condenser, eliminating risk of refrigeration malfunction or risk to samples.

RS-232 and 420 milliamp analog outputs