Axeb Service maintenance – lifetime care

Service is an important part of our quality system

At Axeb, we prioritize service and support highly – simply because a regular maintenance is crucial for the safety and lifespan of your equipment. We have more than 15 years of experience with collaborattion and service our customers.

In the future, we will make it more visible, when we have done regular maintenance to your laboratory equipment. Our technicians will be equipped with a service-card that they will attach in a visible location for successfully completed work. This card is a complement to our service label and report that we complet, sign and exchange with our costumers. With Axeb you can be confident that your equipment not only work as intended but is also advantaged to its optimum.


Axeb’s Service Manual is a natural part of our quality control. It provides the best possible result every time. The manual describes step by step how the service performed and checked by an inspection. With the manual, we can document everything, and it is our customers’ guarantee of a good and uniform service. Our services include installation, preventative maintenance, rotor-inspection, on-site repairs, calibration, hotline, IQ /OQ and “all-inclusive” service agreements. It is your needs and requirements that determine, which level you want to use our service.

After each visit and inspection, we will provide you with a service report as documentation for our work. Read more about Axeb’s quality and service in the file: ‘The good and visible service’.

Axeb takes good care of your products

Axeb’s technicians pay particular attention towards our customers’ rotors. We often seeAdvarselstrekant - Serviceklinik examples of people workning with old and worn aluminium rotors – this increases the risk of unfortunate incidents in the loboratory.

Therefore, we have introduced a special label with a warning triangle that we put on worn rotors. Axeb’s service is called “ROTORKLINIK”.