Astm type ii ultrapure water.

For example, for

  • Rinsing laboratory glassware
  • Preparing and diluting buffers, reagents, tissue culture media and dyes
  • Sample preparation for analytical methods such as flame AAS

Ultrapure water at the press of a button!

Position it, connect it, use it!


Two long-life cartridges. Each requires replacement only when really necessary!

More ideas = more benefits.

How TKA MicroLab differs from other compact-class systems:

Powerful performance!

Permeate flow 6 l/h
Flow from sterile filter outlet 1.0 l/min
6-Litre tank with integrated pressure and recirculation pumps

Lasting economy!

  • Water purification progresses through separate modules, each with quick
  • connects for simple individual replacement

Module 1

  • Pretreatment module with integrated reverse osmosis membrane

Module 2

  • Cartridge containing high-quality ultrapure resins with very long service intervals.

See following video – and find us on YouTube