Favourable price. compact. reliable. The "micro-sized" ultrapure water system

The “Micro-sized” Ultrapure Water System!

Everything that most laboratories need!

Many laboratories require ultrapure water every day – for HPLC or for other instrumental
analyses, for sample preparation, for the rinsing of glassware or for molecular biology
work in which endotoxines and/or nucleases would interfere – but only as small volumes
at a time, up to a total of a few liters at the most.

However, this is no reason to do without professional, freshly-prepared ultrapure water
and buy expensive HPLC water. After all, with the repeated taking of small volumes from
an HPLC water container, the quality of the water and the TOC-value no longer fulfill the
specifications. The ultrapure water is no longer ultrapure!

18.2 MΩxcm quality!

The designation “ultrapure water” is only normally used for water that fulfills the
following specifications:

Resistance: 18.2 MΩxcm
TOC value: max. 10ppb
Bacterial content: < 1 CFU/ml Particles > 0.22 µm: 1/ml

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