Open and close at a touch - for safety reasons!

Simply press a button to open and close

However, the lid is not just opened and closed. At first it is only opened for about three inches – the first surge of steam is able to escape – then the lid is completely opened and the internal space is ready to use. While the lid is moving to the closing position, it pauses shortly before it is completely shut. When the lid is in the final position, the lock is automatically bolted. The bolt is monitored by two independent safety systems. Thus, it is impossible to open the lock unintentionally if it is under pressure.

Sophisticated yet economical functionality

A large illuminated program display and easy to operate – the HG series fulfils every requirement of modern sterilization units and all wishes of the user regarding functionality and comfort. And all that at a sensationally low price!

Clearly arranged

The large program display makes operation simple and instantly shows the most important parameters:

  • Sterilizing temperature and pressure
  • Sterilization time
  • Remaining time until program end is reached

The run-down display gives an overview.

Comfort as standard

A low loading height and a smooth surface make loading and unloading a child’s play. The baskets can not be caught accidentally on bolts or edges,
because there are none.

Fast cooling as standard

A 100% practical feature and saves up to 40% of the batch time when sterilizing liquids: an air cooling that can be switched on during all programs and at any time.