The Heraues Pico and Fresco micro centrifuges delivers high speed and capacity together with safety and convenience

The Heraeus Pico and Fresco are both designed for safe, easy and user-friendly service

Choose between 17.000 or 21.000 x g. A large selection of rotors for micro volume, e.g. nucleic acid preparations, protein isolation etc. The Heraeus Pico & Fresco Microcentrifuge comes with a 24 x 2.0 ml rotor and ClickSeal lid (Certified by Camr for utilization of biological material).

  • 24 and 36 spin columns with 24 x 1.5/2 ml. and 36 x 0,5 ml. capacity with ClickSeal and biocontainment lid
  • PCR 8×8 ml rotor with screw caps
  • PCR 4×8 ml rotor with ClickSeal lid
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

Please see the video below – or find us on YouTube