Clean for sure! Now also with uv-intensity and toc monitoring.

GenPure /xCad – Ultrapure water quality – with no reservations!

There are areas in which particularly high demands are placed on the water quality.

In chemical organic or inorganic trace analysis, for example, for TOC measurements and
instrumental methods such as HPLC, ICP-MS and IC.

And the demands are even higher in the life sciences. Freedom from endotoxines and
nucleases is a necessity when preparing, or working with, tissue and cell culture media,
PCR, DNA, or monoclonal antibodies.

The Standard, UF, UV and UV/UF versions of GenPure have already convincingly
demonstrated the benefits of the new system control and the high-precision, USP-complying
conductivity measurement with temperature compensation that can be switched on or off.

Technical intelligence for reliable processes!

TKA Measurement methods. Highest accuracy and reliability!
Exact dispensing

Option of fully automatic volume control over 0.01 to 99.9 Litres for large container filling

Conductivity measurement

The cell constants of the two highprecision conductivity measuring cells are individually
measured out and each value deposited in the system. The electronics are automatically
calibrated and controlled prior to each measurement.

Temperature measurement

Platinum chip temperature sensors with an accuracy of +/- 0.1° C are used here.
The temperature compensation can be switched off. USP requirements are fulfilled
and optimal measurement reliability ensured.

Online TOC measurement

Real time TOC-monitoring with continual and accurate measurement of the organic content
of the water within the range 1 – 99 ppb.

Monitoring of the intensity of the UV-radiation

A UV-photodiode permanently checks the intensity of the radiation from the UV-lamp. A
decrease in the UV-intensity that would result in a false TOC-value is readily identifiable from
the % value shown. The UV-lamp must only be changed when really necessary.

TKA xCAD: extended Control And Dispenser unit

For flexible operation in the lab! Leaves more elbow-room on the lab bench!
With a footprint about the size of an A 4 portrait, GenPure can be stood on the lab bench or, if
preferable, it can be hung on a wall (without the need for extra mounting material).

The space-saving under bench version can have up to three flexible control/dispenser units fitted
to it for use at up to 3 m distance from it. Can be stood on a bench or be even more space-savingly
wall mounted

Turnable and height adjustable dispenser arm with extendable joystick. Action radius 80 cm
Ergonomically shaped dispensing pistol provides highly precise volume dosing at the press of a button.

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