This miniature class II safety workbench offers security on a minimum of space. The protection of the user as well as the safety of the samples is ensured by the two HEPA filters with an efficiency of 99.995% at 0.3 microns.

Contamination of the working area is avoided due to 70% of circulating air, of which 30% are emissive. An air-flow gauge (velometer) monitors the speed of air at the front and will activate an alarm (audiovisual), if the fan malfunctions.

The unit may be placed on a desk without any problems. Therefore, it is easily and quickly assembled in a laboratory at a moment’s notice. The use of the unit is very easy and fool-proof. On pressing a button, the safety screen is going up and down; it is locked in every possible position.

The sockets, the working area light and the UV light can be connected to the unit by pressing a button. However, the UV light is only switched on when the safety screen is closed, while the fan, which is also activated by pressing a button, is only switched on when the safety screen is opened.

Delivery: unit, complete with 2 HEPA filters, UV light, two disengage able sockets, stainless-steel working surface and instruction manuals.

Standard featuresHMC inde i BSC

  • Electrical sliding window
  • UV light, to be positioned freely
  • 2 sockets, can be disconnected from outside
  • Electronically controlled air stream
  • Automatic readjustment of fan
  • Stainless-steel working surface
  • Quiet fan drive with low vibration
  • Digital air flow indication
  • Main switch as key-operated switch