Labster is a unique sitting solution which is tailor-made for the laboratory. No matter whether bio-technology, analytics or physics – whoever works in a laboratory should sit on a stool which can be thoroughly cleaned, is easy to adjust and which can be adapted flexibly to the respective working situation which is typical for a laboratory.

Labster ChairsLabster has been developed according to a novel design concept: through its absolute seam free and rounded surface geometry, no microorganisms can get into the gaps, in addition the chair can be especially easily cleaned. The robust surface covering made of artificial leather is water impermeable and resistant to disinfection agents.

Special characteristics like the setting of the seating angle make ergonomic work possible also in body positions which are typical for the laboratory with a strongly bent-forward upper body, for example when using the microscope or pipette. In addition to the working chair, the product family Labster also includes a laboratory stool and a laboratory standing aid for special use.