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Fiberlite rotors

Fiberlite Rotorer

If you have not already tried to work with Fiberlite Rotors, then you have a pleasant surprise in store A Carbon FiberLite Roter® is, as the name suggests, much easier than a rotor made of aluminum. It can clearly felt when it is lifted into place in the centrifuge. But Fiberlite Rotors also has other... Read more »

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Rotor Guide

Sorval centrifuge

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Rotor Guide Maximize your centrifuge performance by selecting rotors, bottle, tubes and accessories for your application needs. OPEN AXEB’S ROTOR GUIDE HERE Superspeed Centrifuge Rotors with Auto-Lock  For use with Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ LYNX superspeed centrifuges, simplify run set-up and increase rotor security with Auto-Lock rotor exchange, instant rotor identification and Thermo Scientific™... Read more »

Rotor inspection

Lever du trygt med dine rotorer? En gammel og nedslidt rotor kan forårsage store ødelæggelser på din centrifuge og dine prøver kan gå tabt. En rotorinspektion kan afsløre eventuelle korrosioner, revner og metaltræthed. Det er dét værd! Read more »

High-speed Centrifuge Bottles

High-speed centrifuge bottles Axeb offers centrifuge bottles with: Proven quality High perfomance Large volume on cell harvesting and protein purification Bottles in accordance with ISO 13485: 2003, cGMP og USP klasse VI-standarderne. See/download the bottle guide at right.

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