Axeb has compiled several informative pages regarding the use of our equipment e.g. centrifuges etc.

“Worth knowing” is completely free of charge and can be read and/or downloaded from our website. On these pages you can read about how to maintain your freezer.

E.g. if you have “empty air” you should fill up your freezer with empty racks to prevent temperature fluctuations and save power.

If you use carbon fiber rotors in your centrifuge you need to remember that although carbon fiber can withstand strong acid and base, the same does not apply for to metal parts at gyro, thus, more attention is needed.

Based on customer questions

“Our pamplets are created from our own teaching material, practical information from our suppliers and some of the most frequently asked questions that our service technicians encounter at our customers”, managing director, Yvonne Reinhold, explains.

For this reason, Axeb has created a series of pamplets that customers can download from our website and keep near their products. In this way, all employees from the senior embryologist to the student assitant is able to use, preserve and maintain the equipment.