The story behind Axeb Lab Solutions

Founded in 1999, Axeb Lab Solutions was originally part of Kendro Laboratory Products, which Thermo Scientific acquired in 2004. Today, Axeb is a privately held Danish company that collaborates with a long range of companies, including Thermo Scientific.

Thermo Scientific is a leading producer of a wide variety of products, including Heraeus® og Sorvall™, which Axeb has distributed since 1999. We also collaborate with other suppliers and are always on the lookout for new and interesting products for our customers.

Axeb today

Axeb is a company with competent employees that has many years of experience and a solid understanding about our products and branch. Our close collaboration and network with international suppliers allows us to maintain a sharp focus and receive all the latest news, which in turn guarantees professional service and advising for our customers.

Axeb’s values are shaped by a set of values that Axeb’s employees helps create. Read more about our values at (Our values link)

Today, Axeb is the provider for many large-, medium- and small-sized establishments such as hospitals and universities across Denmark.

Only the best is good enough

At Axeb we see ourselves as an innovative and dynamic collaborator for Danish laboratories. Personal contact is essential for our work, as we engage in close dialogues with our customers in order to understand their needs and guide them towards the best solution.

Laboratory equipment is the foundation for many important processes, hence counseling, delivery and service often needs to happen immediately. We are proud when our customers classify us with these qualities. We always strive to maintain this by being 100% dedicated in providing the best sales and service support. Our customers trust is essential for our business.

Precise results, cost-conscious investments and easy accessible service are all important parameters for our customers – as well as Axeb. We live up to these expectations by being the frontrunners of coveted products, good support and just-in-time service.

About Axeb – team(work)

Teamwork is essential for us. We want enthusiasm, humor and delight in our everyday. We want to be creative, responsible and versatile in the way we approach each other and our customers. For this reason, we often nurture our relations – both our work and personal interrelations. For example through teambuilding programs at land, sea and maybe… next time in the air.


Axeb’s vision is to be a first priority and trustful collaborator for Danish laboratories, when it comes to equipment, service and support. Axeb started in 1999 as part of Kendro Laboratory Products. From Kendo, we adopted the “Lifetime Care” payoff. We have maintained the core essence of our business by providing Quality Products & Lifetime Care.


Our mission is to provide innovation, flexibility and simplicity in our distribution and collaboration.


Axeb’s values consists of four keystones that together defines the attitude and culture that drives our organization and conduct.

1. Responsibility

Responsibility is a central part of Axeb’s values, culture and organization. We take full responsibility for the products that we provide. Our responsibility is reflected in our solid, stable and longstanding customer relations. We are proud to have received the award for “Outstanding Performance 2013” from Thermo Scientific. We trust each other’s competences and our goal is to deliver the best only – every time. We accept tasks within our own field of competence to ensure a high level of integrity and quality in our services.

2. Innovation, flexibility and simplicity

In a time where technological advancements accelerates on all fronts, firm choices and rejections are essential for Axeb. Know-how, technological updates and security is of vital importance for the daily research and developments that transpires at our customers. As a provider of laboratory equipment and service, we are important contributors concerning these aspects. We do our outmost to create simplicity and transparency in an otherwise complex business. To us, innovation is following the most beneficial approach. Equipment needs to be technologically updated for contemporary use, and our way of dealing and communicating needs to align with the present spirit. Our business approach needs to be simple, flexible and effective and we need to be available whenever our customers’ needs us.

3. Security

Security is the third keystone that constitute Axeb as an organization as we strive to maintain a safe work environment. Our employees are all equipped and prepared to advice and support our customers and our technicians are certified and high qualified to resolve the needs of our customers.

4. Our ethical foundation

Similar to our own standards, our customers and stakeholders have high expectations to our ethical views and conduct. We strive to maintain these high standards through moral conduct that cares for society, animals and the environment.

At Axeb we support good causes, both ethically and through donations. The fight against cancer is one of the campaigns that we actively support.

We help The Danish Cancer Society by providing laboratory equipment, in addition to donations.

We chose to celebrate our 15th anniversary by supporting a good cause and adopted Julie (link in Danish), an orangutan that lives in Borneo: